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July 6, 2013
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Spirit Fish - Wakahisa Kaito by Akirawr Spirit Fish - Wakahisa Kaito by Akirawr

Edit : CHANGED HIS APP PICTURE AGAIN-- :iconmingplz: His hair is re-dyed black, chopped off a tad, and he gave away his black jacket so have him in white instead!
Edit : ... Changed his app picture. :iconlazypoolplz:
Goodness. This char wasn't supposed to be up till much later. But the member cap... And all that.. here have him--
(Hope I get in //crai blood)
Got in-- //crai happily.. And

Akirawr can't draw fishes. End of story. Lol.

( Available for Lit!RP as well as Script!RP )

I am available to RP in
Skype (Note me for my Skype)
Notes. (Mostly for extremely long posts)
Comments (Most preferred for Script RP)


Wakahisa Kaito

Name :
Wakahisa Kaito

Age :

Birthday :
9th of February

Gender :

Current relationship Status :
Single | Available

Height :
178 cm | 5'8"

Spirit fish:
Raccoon Butterfly Fish | Chaetodon lunula

Spirit Fish Reference :…

Length :
20cm | 8 in


Colours Yellow,Orange and Blue
Heights | Roofs
Playing with his fish
Screaming out songs in karaoke joints
Cooking and Cleaning
His Friends
Loud Laughter/Laughing Loudly
Bitter gourd | Melons | Bitter green tea
Green Tea Ice Cream.
Muted Desserts (Desserts that aren't too sweet)


Being alone.
Rowdiness | Parties | Crowds of any sorts
Any insects that flies
Being restrained to an enclosed area. (He's claustrophobic)
People crying.
Instant Noodles.
Extremely Sweet things
Physical contact (unless he initiates it)
Being woken up forcefully
Violence of any sorts
Drugs/Alcohol of ANY Sort

Personality :

Kaito is a relatively cheerful man, who is easily excitable and easily amused. He tends to talk a lot and barely seem to quieten down when there are company. He is easily approachable due to his outwardly friendly aura. He doesn't prejudice against races and sexuality, and tends to be overly affectionate with his pals. He looks as though he is oblivious to a lot of things, like sexual terms and racial slurs even insults to his person, though really, he doesn't care enough about those things to give them any light of the day. If it's romantic kind of things, he is absolutely dense like a rock. He is clueless to anything pertaining to love and he is very unlikely to fall in love at first sight. He can be very caring when he has to, especially to weaker/sick people, who is forever on his worry-list. But beware, him caring might not always be real and only done out of obligation. He tries his best to be optimistic but he will really berate himself at the end of the day.

Beneath the whole cheerful mask , Kaito is an extremely distrustful person. He refuses to trust anyone with the fear of being hurt like his father did to him. He is well aware of the many masks people wear, after all , he himself hides behind a mask of pretense. When alone , a smile is never present on his face, and he is often seen daydreaming and staring at the sky. At times, he ends up playing with his fish and looking extremely content when doing so. Yet his face is still full of pain, loneliness and fatigue . Keeping a happy front is taking a toll on his emotional self, draining him terribly. Which is why he is often seen napping in school or during breaks at his workplace. Kaito can be extremely manipulative and deceiving if needed, but he doesn't usually do it unless he direly need to. After all he did make everyone believe he is a clueless idiot. He's calculative and is very wary of making close friends, often telling Hiroto what he really think about the person after said person left. And most of the time, it's never anything good.

Once he trusts someone enough, he drops his facade around them, letting them see how painfully miserable and neglected he really is. Though he tends to hold on to the person physically, be it grabbing hold of their sleeve or their wrists anything that he could hold on to without bothering the person. All in all, he behaves like a child .


History :

Kaito was born to a rather broken family in Sydney. His mother , Australian Japanese with long black hair and stunning brown eyes, (aged 24 then) died when he was only 3, leaving him with an excuse of a father , a Half American/Half Japanese with blue eyes and brown hair, (aged 25 then). His father never abused him, thankfully, only chose to take care of him enough to keep him healthy and educated, he was too busy trying to increase his riches. Toys and other forms of entertainment was not given any importance, leaving Kaito to his own devices. His father never abused him, but merely neglected him which caused Kaito to grow up to be an independent but socially stunted 5 year old.

At 5 years of age, his father (aged 27 then) had started to have multiple other lovers, refusing to stay with one person in fear of losing yet another 'important' person, so instead he chose to have countless relationships with no strings attached. Kaito was used to seeing different women coming to his house each week and every time one of his father's newest lady visited the house, Kaito was shoved into a closet to be kept away from view. The closet was cold, damp and dark, which made Kaito extremely uncomfortable. One day, during yet another of his father's tryst, Kaito was shoved in the cabinet under the sink.

To his horror, not even two minutes had passed and he felt tiny legs crawling up his whole body. Kaito fought the urge to scream, shuddering in disgust as the cockroaches climbed onto his small form, his legs, arms, his hair. It was disgusting! Terrifying! Horrifying! Soon enough, the door to the cabinet opened (signalling the end of his father's tryst), and he clambered out quickly, screaming and crying as he smacked all the offending cockroaches off of his form. Since then he had extreme fear for cockroaches and enclosed spaces. The very sight of cockroaches make his skin crawl, making his body remember the disgusting feeling of so many tiny legs crawling up his skin.

When he started school, he had often wondered why no body tried to befriend him. He was well mannered, quiet and very nice to people. A few days passed, he noticed a pattern. All the children in pre-school enjoyed talking to a particular boy who was loud, and hyper, friendly in an outward way and not reserved like he was. Frowning, Kaito thought about this issue at home which led to him daydreaming about what would it be like to be forever smiling and full of energy. It was also during this long daydream that he first ever saw his fish.

It honestly scared him at first, a sudden semi transparent bright yellow thing just started floating around him. But long enough, as he stared at it, he noticed that it wasn't just a blob of yellow, but a small fish, with pretty black and white designs on it. A genuine grin stretched his lips as the fish poked the tip of his nose with its mouth. He named that yellow fish, Hiroto.

The next day, in school, he decided to test his odd theory. Instead of sitting in a corner, reading and being reserved, Kaito forced a grin on his face and approached one of the kid, asking cutely if he join them in their game of tag. The answer he received was an answering grin and a 'Yesh!'. Ecstatic over this, Kaito continued on with his cheerful facade, just so he would not be alone anymore. He was tired of being alone thanks to his father, and if he had to force a grin and a laugh once in a while just to have friends, he would do it.

His father soon remarried when he was 10 with a woman that he dated for several months. Kaito unwillingly started calling her 'mommy'. The woman was vicious, money-hungry and was utterly disgusted at the fact that she was marrying a single parent. She hated Kaito with a passion, choosing to hit him as much as she could without severely hurting him. Kaito often locks himself in his room, crying in fear. How could his father bring someone like this home, and make her his step-mother? He still remembered what his father told him, that that woman was a nice lady and would treat him well. He should've known better to trust a man whom never really cared for him and neglected him for the sake of having lovers. Kaito started having trust issues due to this, never went back to trusting his father as much as he did before. But the very next day, he went to school with a large grin, hiding his pain and sadness beneath a smile, cringing inwardly as he blissfully allow his friends to touch him just because he 'trusts' them as much as they trusts him.

Years passed and soon enough, it started become terribly easy to just act happy and blissfully unaware of anything else. His step-mother's abuse was overlooked and he started grinning through everything, even when she beats him. This caused the woman to feel rather creeped out by the now pre-teen, instead chose to stop any physical abuse and stuck to verbal abuse. But Kaito was oblivious to the painful jabs, once you were hurt for too much for far too long, words can't hurt him anymore. He smiles and grins through every insult till his step-mother got tired of it all and just decided to ignore him. Despite it not hurting anymore, Kaito still breaks down behind the locked doors of his room, crying over his pain and how unfair life was. The new jabs didn't hurt but the old wounds never had a chance to heal.

At age 18, he decided enough was enough. He was officially of age and that meant he could move out of the house without his father's consent. The part time job that he had secretfully taken had given him enough savings to rent an apartment at the very least. It would be hard, and the fact that he only finished high school didn't help matters either, but he knew that he could bear anything that come his way , especially managing to live 8 long years with this hell woman. As he made his way to the front door at midnight with his large duffel bag, his father came out of the kitchen, stopping his movements.

Blue eyes stared at each other, a more tainted and mature pair looking down at the bright yellow duffel bag that hung loosely on the shoulders of the younger one.

"Where are you going?"

Kaito didn't say anything, instead he continued to stare at his father, daring him to stop his escape. His father's eyes flickered as he looked into his son's eyes, reading the emotions there.

" Are you leaving this house? Where would you go? "

The words were spoken softly yet harshly, but it bit at Kaito's heart. Regardless of the negligence, that man was still his father. The man whom took care of him , albeit unwillingly at times, for those 18 years. Would the man care enough to stop him...? Would he stop his only son from leaving him? Would he be glad if Kaito told him that he will miss him...? Slowly, Kaito looked down to the floor, his blue eyes sliding close as he gathered his thoughts. He raised his head after a few moments, a grin so big that his eyes shut close stretched his lips.

" What do you care? "

The lack of pain in his father's eyes was painfully evident. Instead of ranting and screaming at his son, the man merely turned and walked to a nearby cabinet and pulled out his wallet. Walking back to Kaito, his father extracted several bills from his wallet and slowly offered it to Kaito.

" Do what you want. "

The grin turned into a smaller one as he took the bills from his father's hand and bowed his thanks. His goodbyes. His forgiveness. His everything that he couldn't put into words. Without giving his father another look, Kaito turned and brisk walked to the door where he immediately jammed his feet into his sneakers. Without giving his father another look, he opened the door and slammed it shut behind him as he sprinted out of the house. Once in an alleyway, he collapsed to his knees, clutching the bills to his chest as he started crying. Sobs racked his body as the tears streamed down his cheeks like broken dams.

His father hadn't cared enough to stop him.
He hadn't cared at all.


Additional Info :

= Kaito is bisexual . Though if he's with a dude, he prefers to bottom, but he doesn't care if he has to top anyways.

= If it's unclear, his eyes are blue .

= His natural hair is actually black. Like seriously black like ink. Which is why the upper part of his hair is black, it's due to his natural black hair roots. He re-dyes his hair every leap year.

= His fish name is Hiroto.
- Unlike Kaito, Hiroto is very withdrawn, choosing to float around his person most of the time (when daydreaming).

- Even in his sleep, the fish is reluctant to leave, drifting around Kaito as he slept after a few minutes before floating off slightly further.

- Hiroto hardly befriend other fishes, he doesn't trust any other fish as much as Kaito 'trust' their humans (Possibly due to how distrustful Kaito really is in the inside that his fish depicts this trait awfully well). Though once in a while, it does befriend other fishes when he feels compelled to. Can't fight with fate.

- During Kaito's sleep, Hiroto always seem to swim back to his father's home, a place that he terribly wanted to be at once more, even if his father didn't care for him. But the fish never ever stepped, er.. fin? into the place due to Kaito's reluctance. Instead it goes around finding for Kaito's 'the one' so that happiness would be bestowed upon his human. Afterall, all Kaito ever wanted was to feel wanted and loved. It's no wonder his spirit fish is searching for that one for him. Hiroto knows who was meant to be with Kaito. Whether or not it can find him was the matter here. But he knows, that said person was close. Very close.

= Kaito is claustrophobic (fear for enclosed spaces/rooms)
His triggers are usually empty elevators. Crowded elevators, he can handle somewhat, but if it's empty, he tends to start panicking and breathing harshly. At times he just slumps and faints.
Other triggers include but are not limited to - Bathroom stalls, Dressing/Changing Rooms, Single Showers, Closets.

= Kaito is extremely afraid of cockroaches. He screams if he sees a cockroach within 10 meters of his person. No. I'm not even kidding. He'll cling onto the nearest person and scream at him/her to get rid of that thing. Imagine how he'll react if that cockroach comes closer...

= Kaito works as a part-time cashier in a convenience store. Every loyal patrons of said store is familiar with him.

= He is a snuggler . So.... If you are near him during his naps, please becareful, he tends to just roll to the side and grab hold of you and snuggle you like a teddy bear.

= Has a similar (but a tad lower) voice to Lee Taemin (from SHINee) - (Red hat person whom started the first verse)

= Kaito can speak Japanese , due to his mother teaching him as a child. But he rarely uses it and it at times slips from his mouth when he isn't aware.

= Kaito has a step brother not related to him by blood in any way.

Password#1: Fish head
Password#2: Fish Tail


Wakahisa Kaito (c) Akirawr
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