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September 18, 2013
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Spirit Fish - Radclyffe Everard Devereux by Akirawr Spirit Fish - Radclyffe Everard Devereux by Akirawr

I’ll…. Edit his description soon. For now… //dies with more work. This is so rushed. I APOLOGIZE.

( Available for Lit!RP as well as Script!RP )

I am available to RP in
Skype (Note me for my Skype)
Notes. (Mostly for extremely long posts)
Comments (Most preferred for Script RP)


Radclyffe Everard Devereux

「✖ Name ✖ 」
Radclyffe Everard Devereux

「✖ Age ✖ 」

「✖ Birthday ✖ 」
13th of January

「✖ Gender ✖ 」

「✖ Current Relationship Status ✖ 」
Single | Good luck trying.

「✖ Height ✖ 」
2.04 meters | 6’69”

「✖ Spirit Fish ✖ 」
Banggai cardinalfish | Pterapogon kauderni

「✖ Spirit Fish Reference ✖ 」…

「✖ Length ✖ 」
8cm | 3 inches

「✖ Likes ✖ 」
Personal space
Clean things | Cleaning products
Extremely sweet food (Lollipops especially)
People interested in his research
Honey Milk | Sweetened Green Tea
Quiet people
Books (Encyclopedias especially)
Desserts of any sort, the sweeter the better
Being awake
Insulting people

「✖ Dislike ✖ 」
Dirt | Filth | Bacteria
Morons | Stupidity in any form
Hyper people | Nosy people | Clingy people
People in general
Physical contact of any sort
Drugs and alcohol (Don’t mention it to him even)
Spirit Fishes | Aylmer
Bitter/Tasteless food
Physical work | Sports

「✖ Personality ✖ 」

Radclyffe is an asshole. Simple as that. He doesn’t enjoy being around people, he hates conversations and he detests being touched. Unless he direly needs to, he will lock himself in his laboratory, which explains as to why he is very pale. He is beyond unapproachable and he has no hesitation in insulting everyone and anyone. He is blunt and would not beat around the bush. If he hates something, he will say it without care if it will hurt his conversational partner or not.

Radclyffe is a clean freak . He has the urge to clean and make sure everything is disinfected before he touches it. This is not voluntary. He feels compelled to clean anything he comes upon to the best of his abilities. Also, Radclyffe hates being touched not only because he thinks that people’s hands are beacon of diseases, but also due to him being a mild haphephobic .

Radclyffe is mysterious , never one to reveal his past and this is the only topic he would not bluntly speak of. He will avoid speaking about his younger days. Radclyffe is also an insomniac . He is barely asleep, and if he does fall asleep, he will wake up not more than an hour later. This is the reason as to why his has extremely dark and large eye bags. He tends to hold a grudge so getting on his bad side isn’t really a smart idea. Radclyffe is sadistic and tends to hurt those who he comes in contact with physically, whether intentionally or not. He feels obliged to help people when they need help, not because he wants to, but because he feels like it would just cause him a bigger problem if he doesn’t.


「✖ History ✖ 」

( Want to know? Ask Radclyffe himself. )


「✖ Additional information ✖ 」

= Radclyffe is hypoglycemic which means he has an extreme low blood glucose level. Thus is why he is often seen eating sweets. Not that his insomnia helps with his already low energy levels.

= Radclyffe has OCD ( mostly on cleanliness ) which is self-explanatory. He hates filth and he will do anything to purge it.

= Radclyffe is allergic to certain nuts, seafood and bullshit (not of the literal kind) .

= He is also mild Haphephobic, meaning he has a slight phobia of being touched.

= His spirit fish is called Aylmer.

= Radclyffe cannot speak French, if you are wondering.

= Is very interested in 'death' of spirit fishes. He is researching mostly on whether spirit fishes could die, and if they could, what could kill them.

= He is Kaito's cousin, by the way.

(More will be added )

Password#1: Fish head
Password#2: Fish Tail


Radclyffe Everard Devereux (c) Akirawr
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Norachi-chan Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Aww I love his hair!! I just wanna touch it!! :heart: and his glasses!! Sexy! :3
I'd love to rp with you sometime ^^
Youkai-Meimi Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
So if a student covered in art paint came up to him...what would happen? //shot
thriceNEKO Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2013  Hobbyist
*reads he doesn't like being touched*

//gently strokes from behind so he can't feel it// :iconheplz:

//whispers// amg come to me bby

Clanuu Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
omg this guy- pfft lol
I love his personality so much idk why XD 

We should rp sometime though I'm sure Verity will annoy him to no end XD 
Shampoo-chan13 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2013
Look at him!! >D 

Oh man He would have a field day with Quin XD
LightningEffect Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
yih, he's finally up
He looks so lovely man, I really like his color scheme
And I like his personality too, even though he's a jerk- //kicked
ohhh, he researches about deaths, thats interesting uvu
Hope to rp with him sometime maybe
Reitrou Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013
Akirawr Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013
....Who's Togami? 
DiabolicBlueCherry Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013
He is soooo my type!~
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:iconmingplz: --- the asshole type? He's horrible!
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