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December 5, 2013
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[KALOSCITY] Akiyama Satoru by Akirawr [KALOSCITY] Akiyama Satoru by Akirawr
Yay. Finally done with this guy... So messy/simple too-- //sobs

Available for Lit!RP as well as Script!RP )

I am available to RP in
Skype (Ask me for my Skype)
Google Docs [For seriously long posts]
Comments (On Applications) (Most preferred for Script RP)


[ ✖ Name ✖ ]
Akiyama Satoru

[ ✖ Gender ✖ ]

[ ✖ Age ✖ ]

[ ✖ Birthday ✖ ]
Febuary 14

[ ✖ Height ✖ ]
6'4 | 193 cm

[ ✖ Weight ✖ ]
216 lbs | 98kg

[ ✖ Orientation ✖ ]
Asexual Unknown

[ ✖ Relationship Status ✖ ]

[ ✖ Job ✖ ]
Dojo Student

[ ✖ Home Location ✖ ]
South Boulevard Apartments

[ ✖ Pokemon ✖ ]
Pangoro by N-Kin

[ ✖ Type ✖ ]
Fighting | Dark

[ ✖ Ability ✖ ]
Iron Fist

[ ✖ Moves Set ✖ ]
Tackle | Comet Punch | Work Up | Body Slam |

[ ✖ Personality ✖ ]

When Calm : Extremely Quiet | Protective | Relatively Oblivious | Kind | Gentle | Calm | Expressive | Approachable | Selfless | Tolerant | Helpful | Lenient | "Saint" | Manipulative in a way
When Aggitated/threatened : Extremely Violent | Hard headed | Loud | Brutal | Inconsiderate

Satoru, outwardly, is too saintly to the point people start thinking that he is some kind of angel. Despite his large size, Satoru is unbelievably gentle and he does things with utmost grace, as graceful as a 6 foot 4 man could muster. He doesn’t question most things, doing what he is told to do without complain unless it is something that breaks the law.

Besides that, Satoru is an extremely quiet person, to the point that he is sure many think he is mute, but he isn’t. He just felt there is no need to talk to relay his message. Due to this, Satoru uses gestures and facial expressions when interacting with people.

However, saintly mask aside, when Satoru is threatened, he can get quite brutal. He would attack without care and without consideration to the surroundings. Despite being quiet most of the time, Satoru has an incredibly loud voice, which would be the verbal sign of his anger.

[ ✖ Likes ✖ ]
Sweets| Sour stuff
Being in the Dark
Taking walks alone/with Quin
Patting people | Hugging | Physical contact
Interactions with strangers
Children [in a non-paedophilic way]

[ ✖ Dislikes ✖ ]
Having to resort to Violence
Bullies | Whoever that picks on the weak
Large bodies of water [pools, ponds..etc]
The cold
His lack of panda eyes
Being asked about his lack of panda eyes
Spicy food

[ ✖ History ✖ ]

Satoru grew up in a middle-high-class family, with 6 other siblings with him being the dead middle child. Among all of them, Satoru was the only one who was missing the black markings under his eyes, the proud marks of a panda. Not that it mattered to Satoru, but it apparently was a big deal for his family. He was bullied by his other siblings, even his younger ones when they were old enough to bully him. To counter his frustrations with his family, Satoru threw himself into training in their dojo with his father, who was more than proud that his son was ever so enthusiastic in training.

At age 8, while he was training near a frozen pond seeing as his siblings were in the dojo, he lost his footing and tripped over a rock. Falling backwards, a shrill scream escaped him when his body slammed painfully against the frozen surface. To make things worse, his body weight cracked the ice and instantly, Satoru found himself drowning in ice cold water since he had yet to learn how to swim in the surprisingly deep pond. He flailed for a moment before he fully submerged after failing to keep him afloat. He was going to drown---

Suddenly, something grabbed his wrist and what seemed to be in a blink of an eye, he was pulled out of the freezing pond and onto safe land. Coughing and wheezing, he looked up with teary grey eyes at his saviour when he started yelling at the almost drowned boy. It was a boy roughly his age, dripping wet thanks to the swim.

” What were you thinking?! You’re an idiot for playing near the pond!! Argh, look at you! All wet and gross… Geez, here, take my coat, and don’t touch me!”

Satoru regarded the boy carefully, before pulling the coat closer to him and looked at the ground. A small sniff escaped his shivering form as the other boy continued to berate him.

” I-I’m sorry…” Satoru shakily replied.

Huffing and puffing, the boy pulled on Satoru’s wrist to drag the panda up to his feet, cringing at having to touch the dirty and drenched boy.

”I’m taking you home with me, moron. Who knows you might be stupid enough to jump into another pond and die. And what’s your name, idiot? Unless you want me to call you idiot all your life. I’m Quin.”


Despite the rudeness and the odd first meeting, Satoru found himself sticking close to Quin and becoming one of his closest friends. Over the years, Satoru had gotten used to the sharp tongue and mean attitude of Quin. ‘Good practice on patience’ was his excuse to his father when the elderly man asked him why he was still friends with such a brat despite being insulted daily. His father accepted that excuse and allowed Satoru to continue being Quin’s friend despite knowing how hurt the boy gets when being insulted by Quin. Soon enough, the hurt diminished, hidden carefully under a mask of absolute patience and tolerance.

Satoru had become so tolerant that his siblings found no more fun bullying him, as they could never invoke a reaction from the now 18 year old panda. They even found how Satoru kept smiling and not saying a word in retaliation creepy beyond belief. Satoru had even stopped fighting them back physically as well. Having grown around bullies and verbal abuse, Satoru had linked words to being nothing but invisible weapons and chose to keep quiet.

Soon enough, Quin told him of his plans to move away once he graduated.

”I want to follow…”

Satoru had graduated a year earlier due to high grades in both sports and education due to his diligence and was now only hanging about because Quin was still schooling. When the boy told him that he wanted to move away, he figured that he might as well follow childhood friend, seeing he has nothing left to do there than train even more. His parents approved his moving away, but they were wary of his choice of roommate, never liking Quin since Satoru first introduced the boy. But a violent smile from Satoru made them reconsider and just allowed him to do so, with promises that Satoru come back to visit them once in a while.

Satoru found himself a job as a dojo student, thinking that he might as well do so seeing as he had prior training.

[ ✖ Extra information ✖ ]
= Childhood Friend | Roommate : KC: Quin by Tea-why
= Satoru is NOT mute. He can speak, he just doesn't bloody want to.
= He is aware that Quin steals from people, but he closes both eyes at it, and instead choose to help the victims extra hard to lighten the damage Quin did.
= His face is always smiling, a very small and serene smile
= He is over protective of Quin, and can get violent if Quin is in danger/is hurt.
= Tolerates Quin mannerism [without reprimanding him for things] because he saved his life. Nothing more. He doesn't like the fact that Quin steals and look down on others, but he tolerates it just because it's Quin. 
= He is extremely good at lying, but the way he does it is so innocent, that it doesn't seem like he is lying.

Akiyama Satoru (c) Akirawr
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reincarnationz Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2014  Student General Artist
UWAAAH. * A * <33 He looks awesome and it might be 'simple' (PFTT LIES--) but its definitely really well done! * A * <3333
Senpai teach my bby the ways of teh dojo. * A * <3
Catrifer Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Student General Artist
he looks badass yet gentle amg *grabby hands*
weweameme Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013   General Artist
Helookssoawesome. eve
warzom Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
been waiting to see what you was going to do with that Pokemon choice

looks awesome dude 
KitsuneGami Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh, hunk found :iconamgtouchplz:

Seriously though, this is one of my favorite character types. Can't wait to meet him.
Akirawr Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013
H-hunk?! Where?! //looks around---
Nope nope, he's definitely not a hunk--- 

T-thank you so much--- And yess~ Hope that our OCs meet soon =v=!
TaytoTott Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
He is lovely! Oh my goodness, I love him so much!!! 
Akirawr Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013
:iconcblushplz: Aww you~ Thank you so much
Satoru is a derp derp~ So surprised at all the positive response to this guy //sobbu
TaytoTott Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww we like derp derps~ They are most welcome! *squishes Satoru* >v< 
Akirawr Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013
//watches as Satoru is squished
xD Derp derps are pretty fun to RP, but satoru might kill me since he's 'mute'. 
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