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June 21, 2013
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HMLS : Vincent Albert Aschidia by Akirawr HMLS : Vincent Albert Aschidia by Akirawr
Come join XI - England

( Available for Lit!RP as well as Script!RP )

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(EDIT : Changed his app sheet and revamped his history.)
(EDIT : Added his real life job)

[Name : ]
Vincent Albert Aschidia
(Vincent Albert Ashworth)

[Nickname : ]
Aschidia (Pronounced Ashy-Dye-er) ( All Magus are to call him this)
Vinny (These two only applies to VERY close friends)
Vin/Vincent (Only the Duces are allowed to call him this)

[Age : ]
21 Years Old

[Base Area: ]
Duce of XI - England

[Real Job : ]
An Ice cream Chef.

[Gender : ]

[Weapon : ]

Falcatae Glácies - An Ice Scythe that can conduct electricity extremely well. This scythe doesn't have a permanent physical form. Instead, Aschidia is able to create this scythe by freezing the water vapor around him. The process of materializing the scythe takes up to 15 seconds, though the scythe itself can last up to 2-3 hours, depending on how much water vapor is around Aschidia at the present moment. If the surroundings are dry, it can only stay in shape for roughly 45 minutes, shorter if Aschidia induces it with electricity.

[Abilities : ]

:bulletblue: He can move water/water vapor without touching them and freezes it. This ice can be moved/crafted to take any shape quickly with a wave of his hand (in mid air). However area of effect is only 98 feet radius of his person. Point of contact can be anything, it does not require him to touch something with his skin to freeze it. The speed of ice creation depends on how serious/pissed off Aschidia is.

:bulletblack: Able to burn skin with frostbite just by touching.

However, the damage goes both ways. The Frostbite is caused by the rapid freezing of his skin cells that will then attach themselves to the other's skin. When pulled away, the skin will rip off from Aschi's body, resulting in a slight burning pain for Aschi. Aschidia has no control of this. His skin is ALWAYS ready to give people frostbites.

But, if the contact is less than 5 seconds, said person will be safe from the frostbite.

:bulletblue: He has the ability to will electricity by gathering the electrical charges in the air around him. He can emit electrical charges up to 3000 Volts [ which is above fatal for normal humans ]. If he doesn't induce a medium with electrical charges, he can continue using this power for hours on end. However, if he let said charges through a medium , say his Falcatae Glácies, the charges can get up to 40,000 volts, but he can only hold it for 30 seconds before he gets exhausted.

:bulletblack: Instead of blood, his tears are able to heal Magus.

:bulletblue: Aschidia also has the ability of increasing one's tolerance to frostbites with his blood.
A direct skin contact with Aschidia's blood would increase a Magus' tolerance for an hour.
Drinking the blood would result in the Magus being able to touch Aschidia's bare skin for a day.
A blood transfusion would allow the Magus to touch Aschidia's bare skin forever without worrying of frostbite.

There is a side effect for having a blood transfusion with Aschidia. The Magus will lose one ability to gain this permanent frostbite repellent. (unless he/she has an extra ability spot).
The Magus can still freeze as a whole and get cold, however his/her skin would not develop frostbites.


[History : ]

Aschidia’s real name is Vincent Albert Ashworth.

Aschidia was born to a family of 3, his mother was a half Asian woman with onyx coloured hair whom had migrated over to England to be with her husband, thus is the reason why he has a rather unique hair colour as compared to the many British people around him. Aschidia’s left eye was partially blind since birth and his right eye was a dark brown bordering maroon. His parents did not pay much mind to a birth mark that resembled an 'XI' on Aschidia's neck, and chose to ignore it as a unique feature. They were more worried as to why Aschidia was freezing cold, yet looked utterly comfortable despite having such a low temperature. After some tests were run, he was found to be in tip top shape, and would probably grow warmer during the spring.

Unlike some of the Duces whom only found out of their heritage at an older age, Aschidia had the dream of his ancestor at age 8. While young, he was not stupid, and thus when said old man started explaining him about Magus and Duces and Verde, Aschidia understood completely. When the old man traced the XI mark on his neck, he understood that he was 'marked' as the next Duce of England. But...

He loathed it.

He hated the very fact that he was 'special' and different from what his parents were. He had no need of magical powers! All he ever wanted was to be normal and lived a normal life. In rebellion against his destiny, Aschidia started to wear turtle necks and high collared tops to cover the mark that branded his neck. At times, he even concealed them with make-up or bandages, just to be doubly sure it was covered up fully. As he grew older, Aschidia managed to found out that his parents detested the very idea of Magus, influencing his older brother to think the same and that most of the people in his small town hated the very mention of Magus. Aschidia would often stand back and think about how he was different, how he was a Magus, while his family was normal. He was not going to step up to be the Duce, he was just an ordinary boy! Who cares if he could freeze things without meaning to!? If he concentrated hard enough, he could stop!

Aschidia’s frostbiting skin developed when he was 11. He was strolling outside when he saw a lovely cat with fur of ash. Curious, he went to it and reached out to pet the adorable thing. Oh but to his horror, the minute his bare hand touched the cat, the creature yowled in pain as it’s body went frigid and sizzled with instant frostbite. Aschidia immediately let go, falling onto his bottom in his haste to get away. But he was too late, the cat had died from the pain and it laid there in front of him stiff like an ice block. He could only stare in fear before scampering away. Since then he made it a habit to wear gloves and cover as much skin as he could.

One fateful night, his family found out about his powers when Aschidia was merely 14. His older brother had been rather irritating with his prodding, and in annoyance, Aschidia grabbed his brother's wrist, completely unaware that he had forgotten to wear his gloves. A loud scream pierced through the silence as Aschidia quickly let go of said wrist to see his brother's hand sizzling with frostbite. He could only stare in horror at his brother and his parents. Before he could run, however, his father had managed to grab hold of him. The expression on his father face said everything. He was disgusted that one of his sons was a Magus and had lived under the same roof as him for 14 years.

" No! No please! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!! I won’t do it again!! "

His pleas fell onto deaf ears as his father dragged him out of the house and locked him up in the shed’s basement. Aschidia had tried to break down the door as hard as he could, but his dad had made sure the large metal doors were securely barred. He could only fall onto his knees and cry in the unfairness. The very next day, his father came down to the basement with another man, both looking at him with disgust. Aschidia did not like the look one bit, slowly backing away into a corner.

" Mark him. He doesn't seem to have any kind of mark to indicate he's one of them! Just mark it big on him," was all his father ordered before leaving. The man looked at Aschidia, whom stared at him in fear, before grinning.

" Well Well.. Well. "

All Aschidia remembered of that night was a very sharp, never ending pain on his back as the man tattoo'd something large and ugly on his pale skin. He remembered screaming and screaming in his pain, begging him to stop but the man continued on with his work till a large symbol was tattoo'd black on his back. The boy could only cry as he lay on the dusty floor while the man packed up and left, his back bleeding. This is unfair. It was not like he chose to be one of those Magus. It was bloody unfair.

Angry at the treatment and the unfairness of it all, Aschidia started to quake in his anger, the air around him turning frosty and small flakes of ice started dropping from thin air. Slowly but surely, an ice scythe started to form in front of him as Aschidia merely thought of something large and deadly, something that can kill by the loads. Aschidia's mismatched eyes started to narrow as murderous intent filled them.

" So you hate Magus, huh? "

That night, everyone in the town he lived in was slaughtered by a rampaging scythe yielding Duce. Some were impaled by icicles; some were given frostbites so they died slower. His father got the honour of watching him butcher his brother and mother right in front of him, Aschidia had made sure to shackle his father down with ice. The tears that streamed down from his eyes soon turned red when mixed with the blood that splattered onto his face. Aschidia had relished in the screams of his father as he slowly murdered him, prickling the man from the back with thousands of ice shards and pushed them through said body slowly.

Once done, Aschidia dropped his scythe, which was now red with blood and watched as it disappeared into red flakes of ice, floating in the wind. He could never be normal. Not the way he wanted to be. Raising a hand, he gripped the bandages that he used to cover his XI mark and ripped it off.
He'd rather be normal around Magus that would not betray him, rather than trying to be normal around humans who would betray him in a snap.

If it's a Duce he was, then a Duce he will become.
With this resolve, Aschidia turned and walked away from the town with a large smile. The next day after the massacre, the police were quick in recording each and every dead person. ‘Vincent Albert Ashworth’ was one of the few people whom were reported to be missing, making him and a few others the prime eyewitnesses or the prime suspects of the massacre. However, there was no evidence gathered to pin Aschidia as the suspect, nor the others, the only murder weapon visible was ice. Aschidia’s face was pasted all over the country, his name was known everywhere. He was after all a key factor to solving the massacre.

In an effort to save himself, he changed his name from ‘Vincent Albert Ashworth’ to ‘Vincent Albert Aschidia’ and only reveal his full name to those he trusts. Those he doesn’t will address him as Aschidia. His blind eye had turned a lighter shade over the years and his other eye turned a blood red. Over the three years, the search for ‘Vincent Albert Ashworth’ had decreased, as many thought he had died off due to the fact that his blood was found on the day after the massacre. Aschidia could now walk around freely, as long as he never cut his hair short and kept both of his eyes visible. Even though he was still not being searched for, there are a few stray policemen that came to him and questioned him, on whether he had heard of the massacre and asked for his name.

What happened to them?

He made sure they were carefully disposed of.


[Personality : ]

Aschidia is a very calm and collected person. He appears to be very kind and would offer his help to his fellow Magus but in all honesty, he is a rather twisted guy who knows the world isn't as nice as it seem. It is easy to strike a conversation with Aschidia, with him being quite the socialist , however, most of his replies are rather guarded and reserved . As much as he is a socialist, he actually prefer being alone or interacting with a VERY small group . He actually hates the idea of being a 'Duce' and would rather be known as a simple Magus however so, he expected to be respected if his fellow Magus knew of him being a Duce. The lesser people whom knew he was a Duce, the better.

He gets amused over the simplest things. While he may be seen snickering quite often, it is hard to actually see him laughing outright at something. He is very composed and usually choose discipline over fun however, even he has his fun moments, especially if said fun involves breaking something which is not on his property. He has a VERY weird sense of humour and most of the time they are rather morbid.

While it doesn't seem that obvious, Aschidia cares for his Magus a lot, and he can get rather affectionate with his caring. He tends to hug or sling an arm around a fellow Magus' shoulders when he converse with them. Though, his smiles are always restrained and small , looking more clipped and sad rather than happy. Even though he prefers to initiate contact, he actually hates being touched without him being the one to touch first.

All in all, Aschidia is a complete contradicting kind of person in personality.

When angered, he is a force to be reckoned with. So don't make him angry.

[ Extras : ]

His birthday is on the 20th of December
His height is roughly 180 cm
Eye colour : Right - Red, Left - Silver
Hair Colour : Bluish Grey
The Tatoo on his back :
His clothes are cool to the touch, and prolonged contact with him might cause whatever in contact to freeze on said clothes. However, his BARE skin is extremely cold, causing frostbites in less than 5 seconds of contact. This includes his face as well btw.
He tends to freeze anything he touches, from the floors he walks on to the walls he leans on. Why? Cuz he feels like it.
He is a very low profile Duce.

[Relationship : ]
Not interested--- I kid, He's single and would probably stay that way till someone interest him enough.
Childhood Friend : : HMLS: Eleanor Bennett by rainemi
Semi Official Boyfriend : .:HMLS:. Telford Arkwright by maccalon (Aschidia had decided to give Telford a chance. Though their relationship is still not full official due to the fact that Aschidia is still the Duce of England and he doesn't wish to overburden Telford with the fact that Aschi's life is forever in danger. )

[Viciu | Magus : ]

Viciu :

Eleanor Bennett
Telford Arkwright


Envy Hernandez
Magnolia Abby Hymmone
Angela Tawnie
Anniela Johnson

[ Quote : ]
"The feeling of frostbite burning your skin is the best feeling of all. Want to try?"
"Shall I freeze you? It's very fun, I assure you."


Vin Albert Aschidia (c) Akirawr
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