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December 28, 2011
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Clockhearts : Levente V. Lawrence by Akirawr Clockhearts : Levente V. Lawrence by Akirawr
:iconleventevplz::iconsaysplz: .... Bothersome...

( Available for Lit!RP as well as Script!RP )

I am available to RP in
Skype (Note me for my Skype)
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Larger size :

ADDED STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES as well as a slightly more elaborate history (nothing too important was changed though. Added his freckles as well, how the heck did i miss that?!

Revamp yet again : School/Modern Fashion. 4 badges on his bag = is of no threat to all four factions... though he is still very patriotic to Clovers and has slightly less tolerance for Spades/Hearts
Revamp : Steampunk Fashion. Stripped him of all yellow cloth to indicate his lack of ties with the Diamond factions - Break up with his ex lover.
.... He looks like christmas~ //slapped

2011: I have no idea why I'm doing this or why I... ...nvm. The group is too tempting DX And m not too sure if there is a newspaper boy somewhere in the mix already ;~; *shoots self again*



Levente Ventus Lawrence


Levente V. Lawrence | ‘Levente’ Ventus Lawrence



171cm | 5’7”

Faction of Clover

Air Manipulating Paper Boy

Magic | Ability | Talent:
As his role states, he is an air manipulator. He manipulates the surrounding air to do his bidding. This manipulation is only limited to changing speeds of the said air though. He can only make them into very strong gusts of winds/short burst of speedy winds or make it completely still. Wind surrounding him is loosely tied to his feelings.

Limitations and Details of his Magic -

= He can’t control air which is further than 32 feet radius of his person. He CAN however shoot air/things further than the limitation as the air has already been infused with his power. There are still limitations as to how far said ‘air shot’ can travel which is 66 feet radius of his person.

= He can create tornadoes, though said tornadoes are uncontrollable which means, he himself can be taken in into those if thrown into it. Plus after making one tornado, he would be extremely exhausted as it takes not only his magical abilities but his emotional strength as well, due to it being tied to his emotions, not to mention that it travels further than his own limitation. He will be physically and emotionally drained thanks to this, which would mainly result in him passing out.
(The tornadoes doesn't really last that long either. Probably 5 seconds at max and travels up to 198 feet thrice the length of his normal infused air 'shot').
(The tornado travels at 40m/s so it takes less than 2 secs for it to reach its limitation distance, though this really depends on how frustrated/angry Levente is)
(The tornado's power depends on Levente's emotional reserves. Every tornado he creates, the less his emotional reserves becomes and in turn, his tornadoes gets weaker every time.)
(Levente had only ever made one tornado.)

= With the aid of his winds, he can run up to 200% of his normal running speed which he hardly does unless necessary as it takes a lot of magic AND the winds around his feet would cause a lot of un-grounded things within 15 feet radius to fly off. Instead he uses it to slightly increase his running speed (the repercussions of this is merely a slightly larger but harmless breeze blowing near him)

= For those who are curious, yes, Levente needs to physically move his fingers/arms/limbs to direct the wind to do his bidding. Take for an example, he flicks his wrist to shove the air upwards to smack someone's face. Smaller gestures equates to smaller movements from the air, larger gestures equates to bigger larger gusts of wind. However, this doesn't apply to 'leaked' magic when he undergoes a breakdown. This wind is uncontrollable and it does what it wants (though often seen as slicing ribbons of rapid green wind that semi-encloses Leve in an odd shell).

Wing Blades – Pretty much pieces of sharpened metal shaped into wings. He ‘shoots’ them at his enemies using bursts of air.

His Job
The colour Green.
Clovers | His Faction
Sweet things
Being with someone who talks, a lot.
Being with someone who remembers him.

The very mention of ‘destroying one’s clock-heart’
Rude people
Being outside for too long

Levente is a relatively calm boy who has a very cheerful appearance. He smiles and laughs frequently. He is also quite talkative to his friends and whoever wishes to have a conversation with him. He enjoys meeting new people (though rather shy in making the first move) and helping out those he needs to the best of his abilities. He is quite playful at times too but he knows to not cross the line between playful and utterly insulting. He is very proud of his Faction as he felt that everyone was nice to him.
However so, despite his friendly and cheerful demeanor, he is very secretive about his horrid past and will get irritated if people push him too far with it. His personality is quick to change when he’s irritated. The worst mood of his is when someone utters or jokes about the destroying of one’s clock-heart. He will glare and demands the other person to shut up.

Editted Personality : Due to recent events, Levente is currently a broken, quiet and emotionless being. His eyes are forever a dull and dead green, with it showing very little to no emotions at all, his smiles are all fake and merely him being polite. He refuses to remember anyone, therefore, he gets very confused when people whom knew him from before the end of Clover Reign. He has forgotten everyone, this inclusive of his ex-lover, Accalia. He is very awkward around crowds, choosing to stand around the edges of said crowd and hardly ever starts a conversation. Though awkward, he tries his best to uphold a conversation with whoever that talks to him, his responses shows obvious signs of him being uncomfortable.

He is very unstable internally, though this is not shown externally, his wind magic often shows how unstable he is and often 'leaks'. He is reluctant to start new relationships, be it friendship or romantically, though he is slightly more amiable to people who remembered him. Seeing as he grew up in an orphanage, he learnt the sign language due to the presence of deaf/mute children in the orphanage. Has a terrible soft spot for Adrian, Avalon, Leon and Zackary.

He is also very prone to emotional breakdowns, so talking to him is like walking on glass. However, it's easy to recognize when Levente is going through a breakdown, the green winds around him will start to quicken, and at times turn into a deadly gale. He nearly killed Avalon when he lashed out once.

Ranged Combat/Keeping his distance using a large gales. -
He uses his magic abilities to prevent people from coming closer if necessary, all to avoid too serious a battle. During fights, he usually keeps his distance and instead shoots his weapon/magic from afar, if he feels threatened enough.

Guarded and relatively bland/dead in personality -
This is a strength, at times. He is usually perceived as someone rather aloof and at times plain creepy by how his stare seem to see straight through someone by how unfocused it look. People tend to avoid him just as much as he avoids them. Can't hurt someone who you refuse to get close, yes?

Fragile emotional control : Tornadoes -
With every weakness, there is a strength. While he may be rather unstable, at times, his breakdowns allow him to harness enough pain and anger to conjure one of his deadlier 'weapons'. A tornado. Though unstoppable and uncontrollable, it tends to be devastating to his opponents to suddenly be faced with a large spiral of rapid wind.

Being extremely neutral -
With him being rather immune (more like he chooses to ignore it) to the obvious conflict between the four factions, he isn't easily threatened into combat, plus, without any hostile feelings, his threat level is pretty much close to zero.

Fights(in general) / Close combat -
He doesn't like fighting, so why would he know how to fight properly? He doesn't like punching/kicking people, and is terrible at blocking attacks at close range. He tends to try an avoid a fight (by keeping his distance), often injuring himself in attempt to keep himself far all the while trying to not injure the opponent.

Fires -
He is extremely weak against anything with fire abilities/is or are flaming. Fire tends to get stronger against his winds, which deem it useless. Plus fire scares the living beat out of him, especially when he saw his house burn down.

Lack of Emotional Control (The fear of broken clock hearts/the mention of his real name) -
He tends to get very reckless during his emotional breakdowns (which are easily triggered with the ways mentioned above) and thus easily manipulated to attacking blindly.

Trusting / Protective -
.... Despite looking like it, Levente trusts people easily once they are nice to him, as well as, people around him. So it's easily to betray his trust, use him and due to his protective nature, he tends to act without thinking to protect whoever he cares for.


Levente’s birth name is actually Ventus (The V. in his current name) and had always been in the Factor of Clovers. As a child he was thoroughly abused by his single mother who is stressed by the responsibility of having to raise him. Throwing him out would make her worsen her already shattered reputation, so she was forced to take care of him. Levente however still loved his mother. No matter how many times she beat him and used her powers on him, his mother had the power to materialize weapons made out of wind, he understand that it was not her who is hitting him, but her stress. He was sympathetic to this as his magic itself was tied to his feelings as much as his mothers was with hers. Despite the beatings and abuse, his mother had never failed to feed him and shower him with tears and apologies when she regained her bearings. Levente had always forgiven her as she was after all the only family he had left, or so he thought really, and that she still loved him despite seeing him as a burden. He only ever wished to grow faster so that he will be able to work and help her get a better life. But unfortunately, that was not to be.

At age 7, Levente witness the destruction of his beloved mother. A crazed man, probably from another Faction, shattered his mother’s clock-heart right in front of his eyes after burning the house down. His mother had tried to protect Levente from being murdered and instead took the brunt of the hit from the man. Once her clock heart was exposed, the man shoved an dagger through it, cracking it and breaking it into a million pieces, and Levente could only watch, the wind that his mother summoned to hold him down dissipated the second the clock heart was broken. And all he could hear was the screams of his name in his mother's voice as the shattered pieces of her heart dropped to the ground. When ice blue eyes of his murderer locked with his green ones, Levente was jolted to motion and turned. Immediately, he sprinted away, green ribbons tangling around his ankles to allow him to gain more speed. The murderer didn't chase after him, thankfully. Levente ended up unconscious in the forests of Clover, curled in a ball on the roots of a random tree.

Traumatized by what had happened, the very thought of a shattered clock-heart and the very mention of his real name will cause the memory of his mother’s ‘death’ to replay in his head. This will then trigger unwanted feelings and despair of Levente, which will in turn change to rage at his helplessness to help his mother then. The murderer? He was believed to have been put to jail. Levente is relieved for that.

Levente was then placed into an Orphanage in the Faction of Clovers. Raised with other lost children and orphans, he learns the better side of having a family, with a new 'mother', an semi-elderly woman named Ellie and new siblings whom were the other orphans in the Orphanage. A girl, about a year younger than he was, gave him the name ‘Levente’ as it meant ‘Peaceful’. It was how she saw him as, judging from his amiable personality and him being very friendly and not as an Air manipulator as his real name suggests. Levente likes the names so much, he adopted it as his other name, overriding the name 'Ventus', which still gave him chills when uttered. He practices his magic alone, as his emotions were rather unstable then and it may cause harm to the other residents of the Orphanage, though at times, he couldn't escape the girl whom practiced her fire manipulation with him. Both of them had rather dangerous abilities, which was why they chose to stick together and train far from the others. The girl eventually grew closer to him and even went so far to saying that she will marry him one day.

Yet again, it was not to be. At age 18, the girl disappeared from the Orphanage. Levente was confused as to what had happened and asked the one running the Orphanage. But the woman merely shook her head and said ‘She became one of the Spades, my dear Levente…’

It took him a while to understand what she meant. And when he did, or he assumed he did, he was devastated. The Factions are in constant competition and with the girl being in another Faction, a Spades at that, the promise of being wed to her is forever broken. Instead of dwelling with the bad lucks in his life, Levente then decided to continue on his life by getting a role. A Job. He decided to use his powers to his advantage by being a Paper Boy as the winds will allow him to run faster and he is able to ‘shoot’ the newspapers to the doors of the residence , effectively speeding his work. He was offered to send news to all the four factions in which he accepted however, he refuses to change his uniform which is DRENCHED in everything ‘Clover’ related.

However deep inside, he was certain that he accepted that role with an off-chance of meeting that girl once more as he does he rounds in Spades, no matter how hostile the citizens are there.

New additional informations in History :
During the Clover's Reign, he was kidnapped by chickens (hordes of them) during one of Clover events. He was then tortured (amusing, but believe me, angry chickens are deadly by the horde) and jeered at by the chickens for stealing their offsprings. He was discarded somewhere in Clover forest, bruised and injured. Since nobody found him, Levente thought that he was being forgotten by everyone, his lover and his fellow representative included. He didn't think they were searching for him (which they were, but he didn't know that). In resignation, he chose to lock his own memories away, choosing to forget them as punishment for forgetting him. He did manage to get back to the Orphanage, seeing how the reigns had changed the position of the territories, where he then stayed indoors to recover. He just didn't seem to realize that as he stayed away from sight, people are still going on about with their lives, and was kept unknown of the disasters during Diamond Reigns, where his ex-lover was directly involved.

Additional info:

= Ex-Lover : Accalia

= He has a mole under his left eye and has freckles which are slightly obvious.

= Do NOT call him Ventus

= He gives paper Clovers to people who recognizes as his friends. A real clover to his lover (Now belonging to Accalia). This tradition is now broken due to him giving the real clover to the wrong person.

= Still is a major PRUDE! *shot*

= Babbles when he is worried. Babbles.. A LOT!

= Tsundere.

= Walks around with his wind swirling merrily/calmly around him, the wind is in the form of glowing green ribbons.

= Levente is currently Single though whether or not he's available depends on how people reacts to him.


Levente Ventus Lawrence (c) =Akirawr
Clockhearts (c) =tooaya
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